Top 3 reasons to spend more time in nature

We all love nature don't we?, Well here are top 3 reasons why it is so important to spend more time in nature

1. Nature rejuvenates your soul

Nature landscape

April peerless in one of her quotes says that, "In my walk with nature, an inner calm comes over me. It is magical and appreciated. It is god's gift for my rejuvenation"

What could be more relaxing than watching the melting sun slowly disappear into the depths of the ocean? Spending time in nature creates a feeling of soothing and calmness which cannot be described in words. It’s something that only you can feel for a brief moment of time. Nature has always had a magical feel to it. Nature can act as a stress reliever by taking your mind off the worldly things and gives you that much needed personal space where you can reconnect with your inner soul. In many ways, It helps to put things into perspective by bringing some clarity to those glaring questions in your mind about life and everything associated with it.

2. Nature can help us to rediscover the true meaning of life.

Boat by the lake

In the modern world, everyone is so focused on the bigger material aspects of life that we seem to have lost regard for the things that made our life so special. Sometimes we are just too busy with our own lives to appreciate those small moments of joy that life has to offer. In nature there is no such differentiation between small and big things, in fact each has its own role in creating that perfect harmony and balance which is in contrast to what we observe in real life. 

When in doubt just look towards nature. Even the simplest things in nature like watching a bird feed its younglings has so much meaning behind it. It teaches us the values of family and bonding with each other. From watching the ocean waves swell and rip apart we learn about the insecurity of life. Whether we like it or not, we must accept the fact that as humans we are very insecure and always thread the path of least resistance. We need to understand that nature in its own way is trying to tell us to let go of our inner inhibitions and to go actively seeking our true goal in life, which is nothing spreading happiness in this cold grey world.

3. Nature is the key to a healthy lifestyle

Running in forest

In some ways, nature can be considered as the fuel for the soul as it activates all of our senses and makes us feel alive and energized. Studies have shown that those who spend some time in nature tend to sleep better. This is could be attributed to the fact that when you are in nature, your body receives abundant supply of fresh oxygen which helps you feel less tired and in the process helps alleviate your senses. The positive effects of nature on the health cannot be ignored. For instance even a simple walk in nature can help in the relaxation of muscles and increase the body metabolism. 

So now that we understand the true importance of nature in our lives, I guess it’s time for us to put on our walking shoes and go explore the evergreen canvas of nature.

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  1. Sometimes it is good to just explore nature, the fresh air, the different plants and trees. It can actually be relaxing and rejuvenating like you said.

  2. I'm trying to get out in to the forest for a walk / run at least once a week, I feel it really does make me feel more positive.

  3. It feels so good to be around nature! I'm blessed to be living around lots of beaches and in such a beautiful peaceful and green area!


  4. so true, I never feel more at peace with myself than when i'm at home around the fields

    han //

  5. I love being out in nature - it's so relaxing and interesting to see new things


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