The secret to a happy life has always been all around us

Forest path
"I have only started my journey, there are still miles to go before I can reach my destination"

Leading a life of righteousness can be so hard at times. The human nature is a mystery in itself. When you start walking down the street you can come across people from all walks of life. You see the poor man asking for some small spare change just to make a living for himself or you come across that rich aristocratic lady who thinks so highly of herself caring less for the smaller things that the world has to offer.

A old woman playing piano

I captured this photograph during my Visit to the wonderful Latvian capital Riga. As I was walking in the old town, I came across a lady playing wonderful tunes on her piano in the distance. The thing which surprised me the most was that hardly any people were noticing her. It was as if the simple things in life meant nothing. Well in my deepest thoughts, I had a feeling of remorse at how unfazed we have become with life. 

I have always been interested in understanding the human nature. As I sit in my lonely brown chair and look at the world outside, one thought always keeps coming back to me. “When will we learn to understand that the true magic of life has always been all around us and when will we start to live for ourselves and not for what the world has to offer.  

Life is just like a never ending road and that is what makes it so special. Each day we learn so much about life and the world around us. We all have experienced pain inside us during one moment or the other in our life, but remember what is life without some lessons learnt. Just think for a moment, somewhere in this world there might be child in need of his parents attention, a girl in need of a friend to share her lonely mind with or an old couple just hoping for some compassion and care from their children. Life is nothing but a collection of pages called memories just like how a tree is nothing but a collection of leaves waiting to wither away and be reborn with a new spirit. 

Road to happiness

Here is a photograph captured by me to signify the big journey of life. We feel we have reached our goal but then there are countless more destinations to go before we can stop. So some of you might say “Yeah so what, we are just a bunch of hypocrites withdrawn to our fate and waiting for destiny to bring us out from our despair”. Well let's just go outside our home for a moment and what is that you see now, can you see the clear blue sky, can you see the shining sun and can you hear the wind whispering to you with a sweet charming breeze and telling you to let go of your pain, telling you to experience life in its purest form, telling you to live for the moment and forget what the future might bring. 

Remember dear readers, the secret to a happy life has always been around us. So from now on whenever in need of answers let us just look at nature and seek inspiration from it. After all what is life without happiness and without people to share it with?

Cheers till the next post 


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