Nature offers a great lesson about the realities of life

Stones and Grass
The contrasting realities of nature

While walking in the morning to work, I came across this sight and decided it would be the perfect photograph to describe how nature can be inspiring and also offer a great valuable  lesson about the realities of life. 

What is nature you might ask, well Nature is everything that the eyes can perceive , nature is you and me, nature is the clouds in the distance in search of light and direction. Life in many ways can be considered as a reflection of nature, it is beautiful and intriguing on the surface but just impossible to comprehend from within. 

While nature can be considered as a canvas of colors, life can be easily expressed in black and white. You might ask why this difference ? Well it's rather simple, life is white when we have joy and happiness in our life and life is black when those thunder clouds are rumbling in the distance and nothing seems to going our way.  Nature is a contrasting expression of life, while  the stones in the above picture can be turned to reveal the deepest roots of nature, Life is simply just a mirage of desires and hopes waiting to be fulfilled. There are things in life that we can keep but never have.

Cheers until the next post.


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