Fear not the ocean of destiny when you can climb great mountains

Arctic ocean
Arctic Ocean against a mountain backdrop

"This life is like a ocean and the waves represent the struggles that each one of us must go through in order to reach our true goal in life". 

The ocean of destiny is something no one can escape from. It comes like a thunderous wave and then just disappears creating tiny ripples in the ocean. The great mountain across the ocean represents our hidden need and desire to achieve greatness in life. We all aspire to become famous and achieve great things in life but it's ultimately the harsh reality that sets us back in our journey towards the top.

This photograph was captured by me during my visit to the Arctic Ocean. The cold winter air had little effect on me and the sight of the ocean with the cold mountain in the backdrop gave me a eerie sense of comfort. I could feel myself becoming one with nature. As I stood there admiring the beautiful nature in front of me, It felt as if time had stopped and now with this newfound sense of freedom, I realized how truly wonderful life is and sometimes there are things that we cannot express in words but who needs words when you have nature by your side.


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