Sometimes nature can guide you towards your goal in life

Life is a metamorphosis of change. We become wise, grow old and develop a sense of understanding that reflects in the way we interact with each other. In nature, old leaves wither away and new leaves start to take shape heralding the beginning of a new dawn. No matter how challenging or difficult our lives might be, we always need to believe that the good times are just around the corner.

The guiding sun
All I need is the sun to point me in the right direction
This photograph was captured by me a few weeks ago. While walking along a forest path, I stumbled across an old bird watching tower and decided to go check out the view from the top. As I stood there looking at the nature spread out all around me, I could feel the sun blessing me with its warmth and pointing me in the right direction with its alluring evening gaze. 


  1. I definitely agree that the wonders of nature can never be compared to non. This is a very good article.

  2. very well written article keep it up

  3. i have my best ideas when I'm hiking, i feel lost if i don't get outside once a day!!

  4. You are so right. I should stop and just watch the wonders around me more often. And remember that nothing stays the same.

  5. Nature's always so inspiring I always feel at ease when surrounded by the beauty of the world

  6. Walking always help me clear my mind and I come up with such great ideas!


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