Finding the meaning of life through nature's eyes

A small kid once asked me "What is the true purpose of humans during their lifetime"I just looked at the young kid and replied "Look at the nature all around you and you will eventually find the answers that you seek". 

Life is a maze of decisions, some decisions can change your life while some can take you down a path of self-discovery and realization. Nature is nothing but a pure form of our conscience and nature cannot be controlled or swayed by our motions. The decisions we make in life are a result of the circumstances over which we have little control. In some ways we can compare life to a box of chocolates. On the outside the chocolate has varied layers and texture which can sometimes be difficult to comprehend but then on the inside you have the magical sweetness that you been waiting for all your life. Nature is all around us in ways we cannot imagine. 

Water stream in forest
A water stream amidst nature

While walking across a narrow forest path, I suddenly came across this pristine water stream that was surrounded by trees on both sides. It was as if the trees were spreading their arms and offering protection from the harsh worldly desires. It was then I realized that life is all about perception. Perception is a like a mirror, in many ways similar to the reflection of our outer self that can be seen in water. Somewhere in the shallow depths of my mind, I had a feeling of contentment that I am on the right path towards understanding life through the eyes of nature.

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  1. I totally agree with this whole post. the nature is something every person should learn about more and find his own connection with.

  2. I love nature, I go on hikes very often and I love them. I always go with the family and the dog.


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